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New Office in Munchen

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Stoyan Dobrev
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Welcome to the new web-site of Frigo-Max Ltd. Gneiss-Bulgaria is the place where you will always find useful and up-to-date information on the gneiss rock extracted in Ivailovgrad. The company is specialized in extracting and trading with different types of gneiss tilling and is the market leader for this segment.

On our pages you will find information about the rock itself, as well as detailed presentation of the products and services we offer. If you need help in choosing the most suitable type of rock for your needs or if you want to discuss parameters and conditions of a non-standard order do not hesitate to contact us whenever it is convenient for you.

Ivailovgrad gneiss

The gneiss is an often met and widely spread type of rock, belonging to the metamorphic rocks family with high degree of regional metamorphism. Usually the gneiss is composed of feldspar, granite, andalusite, quartz and mica. The colour of the rocks is determined by the minerals that it contains. Depending on their origin, the rocks are divided into orthogneiss (magmatic origin of the protolite) and paragneiss (sedimentary origin of the protolite).

Those have big size grains (up to a few millimeters grain size) with schistic texture and they are the basic rock in East Rodopi Mountains.

The gneiss extracted in Rodopi Mountains and in the Ivailovgrad region is found in two basic colors – silver-grey and golden-brown. It is characterized by the high resistance to changes in temperature and rough, non-slippery surface that makes it perfect for interior as well as exterior use.

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